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Title: 8" 10" 12"manual long tapered candle

Size: Custom your size

Custom: Can custom made with your logo & packaging & label & decals


Product name: Color Taper Candles
Brand: T&H Candles
Size: 8'' 10'' 12'' 15'' etc.
Shape: Tapered
Wick: Cotton wick
Color: red candle, yellow candle, green candle, blue candle, black candle, pink candle, purple candle
Scent: Sented or non-scemted as you like
Material: paraffin wax, soy wax, beeswax as you like
Packing: As customer’s require, (  8pcs/wrap, 6pcs/bag, 10pcs/kraft paper, etc )

Taper Candle Parameters
White Candles   (hours)
16G       Dia.: 1.2CM 8PCS/65PACKS/CTN G.W:9.32  2150CTN 2.5
L: 15.5CM N.W:8.32
18G           Dia.: 1.2CM 8PCS/65PACKS/CTN G.W.:10.36 1950CTNS 2.5-3
L:  17CM N.W.: 9.36
20G Dia.:1.2CM 8PCS/65PACKS/CTN G.W:11.40   1850CTNS 3-3.5
L.: 20  CM N.W: 10.40
23G   Dia.: 1.4 CM 8PCS/65PACKS/CTN G.W:12.96  1550CTNS 3.5
L: 18 CM N.W:11.96
25G     Dia.: 1.4 CM 8PCS/65PACKS/CTN G.W: 14   1400CTNS 3.5-4
L: 20 CM N.W:  13 
28G      Dia.:1.5 CM 8PCS/65PACKS/CTN G.W:15.56 1270CTNS 4-4.5
 L.:  20 CM N.W:14.56
30G     Dia.: 1.55 CM 8PCS/65PACKS/CTN G.W:16.6   1200CTNS 4.5-5
L:  20 CM  N.W.:15.6
33G       Dia.: 1.7 CM 8PCS/65PACKS/CTN G.W:18.16 1100CTNS 5
   L:  18 CM N.W:17.16
35G       Dia.:1.7 CM 8PCS/65PACKS/CTN G.W:19.2  1050CTNS 5-5.5
L: 20 CM N.W.:18.2
40G   Dia:1.8CM 8PCS/ 30PACKS/CTN  G.W: 10.6  1850CTNS 5.5-6
L: 20CM N.W: 9.6
42G      Dia:1.8CM 8PCS/ 30PACKS/CTN  G.W: 11.08 1750CTNS 5.5-6.5
L: 21CM N.W: 10.08
42G         Dia:1.9CM 8PCS/ 30PACKS/CTN  G.W: 11.08 1750CTNS 5.5-6.5
L: 18.5CM N.W: 10.08
45G        Dia:2.0CM 8PCS/ 30PACKS/CTN  G.W: 11.80 1650CTNS 5.5-6.5
L: 17.5CM N.W: 10.80
45G         Dia:1.9CM 8PCS/ 30PACKS/CTN  G.W: 11.80 1650CTNS 5.5-6.5
L: 20CM N.W: 10.80
50G        Dia:2.0CM 8PCS/ 30PACKS/CTN  G.W: 13.00 1500CTNS 6-6.5
L: 20CM N.W: 12.00
50G    Dia.: 1.8 CM  8PCS/30PACKS/CTN G.W:13.00 1500CTNS 6-6.5
L: 25 CM N.W:12.00
55G       Dia.: 1.9CM 8PCS/ 30PACKS/CTN  G.W.:14.20 1400CTNS 6-6.5
      L:  25CM N.W.:13.20
56G       Dia.: 2.0CM 6PCS/50 PACKS/CTN  G.W.:17.8 1200CTN 6-6.5
      L:  23CM N.W.:16.8
62G     Dia:2CM 6PCS/50PACKS/CTN G.W.:19.6 1000CTNS 6.5-7
      L:25CM N.W.:18.6
75G     Dia.: 2.15CM 6PCS/30PACKS/CTN  G.W: 14.5 1300CTNS 7-8
      L:  25CM N.W: 13.5
90G   Dia: 2.3CM             10PCS/15PACKS/CTN  G.W.:14.5   1300CTNS 9-10